10 Online Resources for the Arts during COVID-19

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  • 24 9月 2020
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In response to this growing demand for tools to assist education and arts leaders navigate the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak, AEP has been compiling relevant content to support the arts education area. We've engaged our spouses in sharing resources that they have compiled and created to be able to help others as we browse these new methods of working.

We are doing our best to vet tools to ensure they are specific to arts instruction; by a reliable, well-known origin; and nonpartisan in nature. Additionally, we're sharing resources which are useful to or developed for particular arts education stakeholder groups (as opposed to general advice ). We are focused on content from nonprofit or government entities instead of for-profit companies. Our purpose is to aid arts education leaders navigate the changing environment, and chosen resources are not meant as an advertisement for a company or product.Read more http://blog.purplepass.com/5-online-resources-for-the-arts-and-artists-during-covid-20 At website Articles While we're keeping these priorities in mindwe compile and print items quickly to react to the instant need. We'll continue to add tools as we receive them and to eliminate outdated articles occasionally.


If you're searching for phenomenal art promoting information or colorful business of art tips, check out Alyson Stanfield's site for simple, valuable suggestions about the best way to improve your art career. Based in Golden, Colorado, Alyson boasts an impressive resume with more than 20 years experience dealing with artists. Art Biz Success (formerly Art Biz Coach) plans to help you build a lucrative art company by gaining recognition, staying organized, and promoting more art.


Named a #TwitterPowerhouse by the Huffington Post, Lori McNee shares fantastic social networking advice, fine art hints, and business of art strategies that took her a life to learn.

3. Artsy Shark

Carolyn Edlund of all Artsy Shark is a work of art superstar. Her website is full of invaluable tips to assist you build your art company, such as how to create a marketable portfolio to starting a sustainable livelihood. Since the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute and an art universe veteran, '' she writes from a company perspective on art marketing, licensing, galleries, publishing your art, and more.

4. Skinny Artist

This collaborative blog is focused on helping each celebrity succeed. It is a community of artists – from amateurs to professionals that share their collective knowledge, art world adventures, and marketing and business techniques to help artists promote their work. Anyone who's dedicated to the idea of earning a living from their art is always welcome to join and participate in the community.

5. The Abundant Artist

Cory Huff is committed to dispelling the starving artist myth. He's educated artists how to market and sell their work because 2009. From online courses to his blog, Cory offers artists savvy advice on interpersonal networking marketing, promoting artwork on line, finding the right artist community, and also the way to succeed in the business of art.

6. Society6

On Society6 you are able to join, make your own username and URL, and then post your art. Society6 uses just the highest-quality materials, you keep the rights, and they sell the products for you!

7. Artfinder

Artfinder is a premier online art marketplace, where art seekers can form artwork by medium, price and fashion. Artists can acquire a large global audience of art buyers, purchase an online store, and maintain up to 70% of every purchase made – together with all payments managed on the internet by Artfinder.

8. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is a well-known market for quality art. As an artist, then you will have the ability to maintain 70 percent of the final sale price. They manage the logistics, so you can concentrate on producing, and less on shipping and handling.

9. Artsy.net

Artsy strives to produce the art world accessible to everyone via auctions, partnerships with galleries, revenue, and a superbly curated website. As an artist you can fulfill collectors, get art world news, build auctions, and get inside the mind of a collector. Learn what collectors are searching for, which means you can build connections with art fans and makes sales.

10. Artzine

Artzine is a top design, selective, online art gallery that's been carefully handmade to supply artists around the planet with the ideal environment in which to promote and sell their artwork.

Their platform also includes an internet art magazine, The Zine, which features new content associated with art & culture, in addition to artist promotions and inspiring stories told by creators in the first person.

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